The Line

by MegaZ

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It's been over a year and I've put out three songs? It's time I fixed that with some old stuff I'm not working on anymore. These songs haunted me like a ghost because some of them are pretty decent even today but they're waiting for an album that ain't coming anymore. Fair warning: some of this stuff was jacked. Some of these weren't mixed/mastered well, but I've done what I can to fix them up.

So, here's an album they can go on until I feel like restarting the project. I've got better things to finish.

A collection of unreleased tracks, mostly from the mothballed 2013 album, "Driven." If work on "Driven" is restarted in the future, will likely begin at the same point, but move in a different direction than before.

These are some of the tracks I've wanted to release, but certain other tracks integral to the original album never came out well. There are others, but those can wait until the album is released.


released September 26, 2015

Produced by MegaZ at Boofhaus 2012-2015
Vocals on "The Line" by MegaZ
MegaZ art by Stagehand
Album art by DJ Vee



all rights reserved


DJ Vee Sevierville, Tennessee

Electronic music producer from Tennessee! I produce under many aliases. Collect them all!

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Track Name: The Line
put it on the line, build it up slow
make a man fly to the depths below
i never knew why i never felt the blow
i just made them whine, put shock to flow

bring em on down, swing it round and round
batch em on up, drive em all into the ground
give me the juice, make me overload
bring a shock to my system
turn hot to cold

heed my pretty words, your due will come
sky, sea, ground rise to blot out the sun
the world will see, Mechainkal knee
downed from his to yours
so grovel, plead

a martyr? please
my MegaZ
no one will hear your tortured, labored screams
give her the juice, make her overload
bring a shock to her system
turn hot to cold

electricity is a beautiful thing
freeing the soul...from the entity
bound by the flesh of a world so damned
by the will of myself, your time is at hand

(shock, shock, shock, shock)

(oh, yeah...oh, yeah...
(boys, we have a job to do
(let's hear it for ms. megaz
(shame she won't be with us any longer...

bring a shock to her system! (on my command)
bring a shock to her system! (on my command)
break her down with my rhythm! (on my command)
make it all so fearsome! (on my command)
on my command!

yeah yeah

break it down, now
break it on down
bring a shock to my system, baby
make me overload
make me overload...