vAMP (ft. Charity & DJ Vee)

from by MegaZ



"This track gave me more hell than any other song on the album. It almost didn't make it had Charity not stepped up to provide lyrics and vocals. DJ came in after her and saved the second verse. You can thank them for the heroics!"



You don’t know the half of what you did
You signed away your life to the devils within
Money, fame, friends, all of these can be yours
Just as long as you keep up appearances, sure

Eventually though you’re gonna get tired
You’ll want to take a break but they’ll want to keep you wired
Make another twenty hits due in the next week
Now you see the fangs of the industry, Vamp

Move your body left and right
Shake it til the morning light
Sell those records, move them now
Take some uppers if you’re down


I’m the big man sitting on the big rock
I am the one who controls your stocks
When you signed the contract, you promised a lot
And though you have delivered, I didn’t ask you to stop

I authorize a break, some weeks here or there
I write off on the home you live in without care
All that I ask for in return
Is to do exactly what I say, now learn.

This is who you’re working with.
These are brands you must transmit.
Sing these words right here forthwith.
It’s too late to regret it.


from FutureThing, released May 5, 2017
Produced by MegaZ, 2017
Vocals by Charity, DJ Vee
Lyrics by C. Rourke, D. Vixil



all rights reserved


DJ Vee Sevierville, Tennessee

Electronic music producer from Tennessee! I produce under many aliases. Collect them all!

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