Made to Serve [ft. DJ Vee]

from by MegaZ



"'Made to Serve' really came about as a result of watching other musicians and dealing with their fanbases, and where I fit into that fold, specifically in relation to..well, Lapfox again.

It's not right to force an artist to do something over and over again, but at the same time, I more than understand why one would want the artist to push a little more in the old way. The future can be terrifying, and it's good to remember the past. We have to eventually let the past go, yeah, but sometimes, it's good to remember every now and then. Just for a little bit."


"When MegaZ asked me to sing the response verse, I looked over what she had and...boy, it was everywhere. She wrote pages of lyrics that ran the gamut of every emotion. The final lyrics she wanted me to sing were cynical, depressing, but ultimately accepting. It's probably the saddest song she's written thus far, from both perspectives, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Every musician has their own path, and their own wants out of the musicians they follow. It's sometimes so hard to keep the two processes together and remember how it feels to be on the receiving end of a fan asking why not."



No one’s listening, no one cares
They keep on looking at me with the same stare
This one is asking a question I answered long before

I want to move on, I told them that
But I make leeway, they keep dragging me back
It’s all they really want, but that’s no longer my show
Just please let me go

I want to explore
I need to restore
I have to implore
Please let me go

I want to believe
You see me succeed
I just want some peace
to flow on my own river
Please just let me go

I’ve been listening, I truly care
I want to love where you’re going, and I try
to enjoy you the way I have so many times before

But it’s hard, it’s rough, it’s a tedious chore
I simply can’t rewire for excitement anymore and I cry
in loathe despair

You need to explore
You need to restore
I beg and implore
Please take off and go

I cannot be kind
It’s drove me out of my mind
It’s your own life and
your own flow on the river
Please leave me and go

I understand
A lot of changes in the past have altered the plan
Just take my hand
and trust me that it’ll be alright
You’ll see, we’ll be fine


from FutureThing, released May 5, 2017
Produced by MegaZ, 2017
Organic vocals by DJ Vee
Lyrics by M. Zubrowski



all rights reserved


DJ Vee Sevierville, Tennessee

Electronic music producer from Tennessee! I produce under many aliases. Collect them all!

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